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Are you interested in creating generational wealth, real estate investing, and generating business capital?

If Your Banks Say “NO,” We Say “YES!

Discover How We Can Fund Your Real Estate Investments or Help You Jump Start Your Business Immediately!

We designed this program specifically for first-time real estate investors looking to complete their first fix and flip while gaining capital at the same time. In short, this is for you even if you don’t have experience.

Is this Program for You?

Dear Investors,


Are you looking for a way into the real estate market but don’t have time to find properties, renovate them, and resell them. 


Then keep reading because we’ll show you how to start investing in real estate with no upfront cost in the next three minutes. 


This program includes a funding platform that covers upfront investment costs and the rehab costs of the new property, meaning we provide the unsecured funding of a property. Our team assists with the following: 


  • Purchases 


  • Property rehab 


  • Selling the property 


Before we show you how things work, let us introduce ourselves first:

Invest in real estate safely and profitably


Chari Pollard is the visionary and founder of Manifesting Realty & Investments, where her goal is to help everyday people actively or passively invest in real estate. Chari works tirelessly to assist her clients in creating generational wealth while leaving a legacy for generations to come through stable investments in value-add real estate assets.
Manifesting Realty & Investments is positioned to help professionals invest in multi-family properties nationwide in emerging markets through strategic partnerships with real estate professionals, lenders, brokers, and other officials.   Chari Pollard, an Army Veteran and 20 year IT professional, endeavors to empower people of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life to boldly pursue their purpose and create a life that benefits future generations to come.

As iron sharpens iron, one man sharpens another.

Invest in real estate safely and profitably

“It takes money to make money, but it doesn't have to be your money." 



Here are the best programs we offer: 


MRI Airbnb buy and hold, Notes, Buy the Block program, and  Airbnb (STR) Buy and Hold


This program is for first-time real estate investors looking to create long-term cash flow by renting properties to tenants or setting up the property as a short-term rental (STR). 


We will assist with every step from start to finish throughout the process. We will find the property, provide renovations (if needed), help with staging the property (if participating in the Airbnb program) or find a long-term tenant to rent the property for passive income.  


Do all of this with no upfront monetary obligations with our unsecured funding. 


Purchase the property in your name and become the owner of the property. Your investment will continue to appreciate over time. We use our proven resources to find properties at optimal price points to guarantee you a monthly cash flow return.

Invest in real estate safely and profitably
MRI low or 0% interest Business Lines of Credit

If you are a small business owner, a start-up, a house flipper, or if you have any real estate-related business, restaurant owners, home builders, contractors, etc., this is perfect for you! 

We’ll help your business obtain assurance funding (up to $400,000) via creative low-interest business funding lines.


We have partnered, and developed relationships for our clients with financial institutions such as Bank of America, Chase, Citi Bank, Elan, American Express, and many other national banks to fulfill the clients’ funding needs, so they don't have to.


The minimum score needed for funding is 650. Additionally, you only pay if you receive financing. You can pay as little as 15 dollars a month for this service. We charge a small success fee of 1,500 dollars no matter the amount we raise.

Invest in real estate safely and profitably

MRI General Assurance Funding

PERSONAL FUNDING - You can use this funding for down payments on real estate investing, business expenses, education costs, medical procedures, etc.
We provide funding up to $400K (minimum $10K). Pre-approval can be in as little as 24 hours and receive funding 3-5 days after final approval. Our rates are as low as 6%, and terms range from three to seven years.
650+ FICO score is required to apply, and at least 30k in annual income
No pre-payment penalty. No application fees.

Invest in real estate safely and profitably

Minimalist Staircase

Imagine Your Future and What’s Possible With Us.

  • Help you keep investment properties separate from personal holdings, limiting personal liability, and exposure.


  • Help you prevent double taxation on investment properties.


  • Safely generate passive income and generational wealth through the power of real estate investing.


  • We’ll help you obtain returns that outperform the stock market without the hassle of managing the day-to-day operation. 


  • We’ll help you generate monthly cash flow through rental income and increased capital appreciation from the value of selected investment properties.


  • We’ll do the work for you, from the property renovation to optimizing quality property management firms, keeping the costs low while increasing revenue to create a "win-win" scenario.

Invest in real estate safely and profitably

Not just that, we also have Personal support from Professionals. 


Our expert team of investors will support those new to real estate investing in having the credibility and experience necessary for future real estate transactions.

Meet our professionals:



Senior Advisor


Michael Ealy is the Founder and CEO of Nassau Investments. With over 1,500 residential units and several hotels under management, he has built Nassau Investments into one of the notable property development firms in the Cincinnati area.

Michael has more than 20 years of experience in Real Estate and Real Estate Investing and has negotiated hundreds of successful real estate transactions. As Senior Advisor, Mike brings much-needed expertise in identifying and thoroughly analyzing value-added investment opportunities.



Senior Advisor


John Casmon launched Casmon Capital Group to help busy professionals invest in real estate without taking on a second job. We've helped families invest close to $90M in multifamily apartments to create passive income, reduce their tax obligation, and foster generational wealth.


John hosts the Target Market Insights: Multifamily + Marketing podcast. In addition, he is the co-founder of the Midwest Real Estate Networking Summit. As a former marketing executive, John oversaw marketing campaigns for General Motors, PepsiCo, and MillerCoors.



Chief Operating Officer

Joy Turpin is the Chief Operating Officer of Manifesting Realty & Investments, where our goal is to help everyday people actively or passively invest in real estate. Centrally located in the heart of Atlanta, Manifesting Realty & Investments is positioned to help new and seasoned professionals invest in multi-family properties nationwide.


Joy Turpin, an Army Veteran with over 15 years of experience as a systems engineer and strategic planner, joined MRI due to the passion she shares with the founder for seeing people thrive financially. All dreams can be made a reality through strategic planning and commitment.

Invest in real estate safely and profitably

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