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Helping investors to create passive income and generational wealth through the power of real estate investing
Multi Storey Apartment Building
Creating value through partnerships

Manifesting Realty & Investments is real estate investment company looking to create beneficial and long term partnerships with investors seeking to actively or passively invest in apartment complexes and hotels.

We do this through conservative underwriting and syndication of value add deals, allowing the investor to obtain returns that outperform the stock market and without the hassle of managing tenants, toilets, and time. We help our clients generate monthly cash flow through rental income and overall increased capital appreciation from the value of selected investment properties.


Additionally, the properties we select are bought at the right price (below market value) and in flourishing markets that attract quality tenants. These things, along with the  renovation of the property and optimization of quality property management firms, who keep costs low while increasing revenue, create a "win win" scenario for our inventors.

Why hotels
  • Hotels offer HIGHER YIELD  and high returns due to the average daily rates (ADR) that can be charged based on supply/demand and due to our mission of commitment to investing in globally recognized brands like Marriott and Hilton.

  • Hotels offer LOWER RISKS on your investments due to its exceptionally professional hotel management and continuous improvements to the uptake of the property.  We buy existing hotels where we can create substantial increases in value through a comprehensive property improvement plan and properties that are in high demand locations across the US.

  • Hotels offer VALUE ENHANCEMENT through capitalization, renovation, operations, and contract positioning, all while allowing investing increased cash flow and amazing tax benefits. 

Luxury Hotel


High Density Housing
Why apartments
  • Apartments present INCREASED OPPORTUNITIES​ for exceptional cash flow and high appreciation through our value add strategies.

  • Apartments offer STABILE returns and lower risk even as economic conditions continue to change.  We buy below market value and invest significantly in our properties if necessary in an effort to achieve double-digit returns. When apartments are purchased in the right neighborhoods where jobs and the population are growing, the opportunity to increase current rents to a high market value increases and so does the overall value and net operating income. 

  • Apartments generate REVENUE GROWTH. Rental income from investment properties keeps pace with inflation and rental market conditions. We invest in properties below market value and are able to increase rents slowly and organically to that of market prices. We ensure that experienced property management teams are in place to ensure the highest efficiency and optimization. Our goal is to maximize income potential for all of our investors.

  • Apartments endure CHANGING ECONOMIC FACTORS. Real estate will always be one of the most stable investments as people will continually seek a safe, place to live. Even while economic conditions continue to change, multifamily investment continue to deliver long term gains and cash returns that outperform other investments.

  • Apartments offer great TAX BENEFITS. Manifesting Realty & Investments will outline possible tax benefits of each investment opportunity in the Private Placement Memorandum, or prospectus, of each investment. However, the actual tax benefits that you enjoy will be unique to your situation.

Minimalist Staircase


MRI allows accredited and non-accredited investors to invest in multi-family properties with a minimum investment amount of between $25K or more. If you are interested in hearing more about our current investment opportunities, contact us today.  Contact us for more information on our available investment projects.

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